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What is a torque test?

The test is done to calibrate torque tools and be used to measure the angular force needed to turn something.  There are several other uses and types of torque tests. 

What equipment is used for torque tests performed?

Torque tests used by the natural gas industry are conducted with several different types of tools depending on what is being measured with the test. Some of the various tools used are:

  • Hytorc
  • Tech Cal Recorder
  • Annually certified Chart Records
  • Currently Certified Gauges

Several of the pieces of equipment used require annual certifications. Without current certifications, the equipment cannot be used to perform tests in the natural gas industry. This is because natural gas is very volatile and most minimal inaccuracy could have major repercussions.  

How is a torque test used on frack sites?

There are two torque test most used in the natural gas industry.  A low test, under 5k, and high test, above 10k. The tests check the pressure of the flow and and fittings. These tests are used on these valves:

  • Frac stacks
  • Test valves
  • TIW valves
  • Blind rams
  • Annulars
  • Shear blind rams
  • Manual valves
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Blowback iron
  • Frac iron
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