Pressure Tests

There are several different types of pressure tests used across every industry. The natural gas industry uses several types of pressure tests. Hydraulic fracking relies a lot on the accuracy of the pressure tests done on each well. Hydrostatic test and torque tests are two of the tests used regularly and required by the federal government. 

The team at Tried & True Services understands how important the tests are to safely operating frac sites.  That is why we are committed to offering hydrostatic tests and torque tests using only the newest equipment. By using the newest equipment, we make sure our tests are performed quicker and more efficiently with extremely accurate results. 

Kevin Comarty Prepping for Pressure Test

Hydrostatic Testing

A hydrostatic test is a type of pressure test used across various industries. We perform hydrostatic tests for the natural gas industry. The tests are performed for several reasons. One reason is, the federal government requires the test be done every 21 days on a pipeline. This helps identify flaws or leaks and make sure the pipeline is safe to operate.

Torque Test

Torque tests are used to test several valves that are used to operate a pipeline. The equipment we use is the most up to date. This is extremely important because of the volatility of natural gas. Our equipment allows our team to perform efficient and extremely accurate tests.

Torque & Test Results Reading