Tried & True Blue Sandbox

One of Our SandBox Trucks

Do you offer sand truck services?

Yes, we offer sand truck services. Our services use the most up to date equipment reducing the cost of drilling.

How is the frack sand transported?

Our sand truck services use SandBox trucks, which means less transfers and safer handling.

Are there benefits to using SandBox?

Yes, there are several benefits to using SandBox. 

  • Requires less trucks transporting frack sand, reducing road traffic
  • Less personnel are needed on the frack site
  • No need for multiple transfers of the frack sand, reducing the amount of frack sand released into the air at the well
  • Allows frack sand to be pre-delivered or staged at the well site, making the operation process more efficient and reducing costs

Where do you offer SandBox services?

We offer SandBox trucks in Marcellus and Utica shales located in the following Pennsylvania counties:

  • Bradford county
  • Lycoming county
  • Sullivan county
  • Susquehanna county
  • Tioga county
  • Wyoming county
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